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About X10(VRD-PTV310) 1080P Wireless Presentation Gateway & HD Media Player

No App needed for Android device with Miracast support(native support for most Android 4.2+ device), In case Android device without Miracast support, user can install MirrorOP or AirPin.

For Android device, Top choice is Miracast and most current Android device comes with Miracast support. MirrorOP and AirPin just for auxiliary options, as uses don't want to install APP just for it. Also different hardware and software may lead to different performance.w

No App needed for iOS device with AirPlay support for iPhone and iPad families, however, users can also install for auxiliary options, such as AirParrot, MirrorOP, AirPin, etc.

For Windows PC/laptop/pad with Miracast support, users no need to install software

For Windows PC/laptop/pad with WiDi support, users can also try Intel WiDi technology

For Windows PC/laptop/pad without Miracast or WiDi support, as alternatives, users can install MirrorOP, AirParrot, AirPin, etc.

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No App needed for Mac device with AirPlay support for Mac PC and Macbooks.

Users can also install for auxiliary options like MirrorOP and AirParrot.